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Update On My Ovaries August 4, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rachel @ 5:27 pm

Since you know, the whole internet is SO interested in my womanly reproducing parts.

I’ve decided to wait for ob/gyn appointment tomorrow.

That way I figure I can just get the whole ultrasound thing and exam over in one day.

Since I’m not like writhing on the floor in pain or anything*, I think it won’t really hurt to wait one more day.

If I go today, I will have to go to small(er) local(ish) hospital (and I may not even be able to get in today), and then the results will have to be faxed to the different hospital that my ob/gyn is associated with.

If I wait until tomorrow, I can go to the BIG city hospital and see my ob/gyn and have the scan done all in the same building.

So I think that makes sense. Plus, I feel more comfortable with the hospital my ob/gyn is associated with. Not because it’s bigger, but I just feel more “at home” there, since that’s where I’ve been going for all that womanly business for years.

I hope all that are reading this had a fabulous weekend, and please be sure to read my upcoming posts about things other than my reproductive organs.

*Still hurts like a bee-yotch, but I can still go about my business


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