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I will not pout, I will not pout, I will not pout, I will not pout August 7, 2008

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I am making a resolution. I know it’s not New Year’s or anything, but I am going to start. NOW.

I am a terrible pouter.

I don’t get mad very often, but when I do, instead of just saying what I really want to say, I just pout.

Example: D: Says something I don’t like

My Response: Stop talking and face the other direction. When D asks “What’s wrong?” I sigh loudly and say “Nothing”

Correct Response: “I don’t agree with you, and this is why…”

Or, we have the story that D loves, of how I locked myself in the bathroom because I was mad. True story. I got mad at him, then decided that I would lock myself in the bathroom….this did not actually present a problem for D, as there are two bathrooms in the house.  I finally came out because, well there was nothing to do in the bathroom, and I started to feel sheepish because I was a grown woman who had just locked herself in the bathroom.  As I slinked into the living room, D just started cracking up.

Please don’t get the wrong impression that I am childish and petty all the time. Mostly I am nice (or so I’ve been told) and (I think) fun to be around.

Ex: I will laugh with you, not at you (unless you do something really stupid, then I can’t help myself), I will celebrate with you if you want to celebrate, I will have a cry with you if you want to have a cry, I will trash talk whomever may be on your shit list that day, I will laugh at even corny jokes, I have many funny stories to tell, I am not afraid to make fun of myself, if you come to my house, I will ALWAYS cook something for you, and I will force food on you until you leave, etc, etc.

So, I think that qualifies me as fun to be around, most of the time.

But yes, some of the time, I can be childish and petty.

But I am going to try very hard not to be, because it is annoying and passive aggressive in the extreme.

And I can promise you that you will be seeing much less of this expression:

moody, moody

moody, moody


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