Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

My Bed Companion August 7, 2008

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Someone followed me to bed the other night. They usually don’t sleep with me, but they were in need of a cuddle the other night. Don’t worry, D knows.

I wouldn’t usually share my bed with someone who likes to sleep with their face end towards my feet and their butt end near my face, especially someone who tends to fart in their sleep. And I usually wouldn’t share my bed with someone in need of a bath, someone who is getting to be a little on the stinky side. And I don’t usually make a habit of sharing my bed with someone whose toenails haven’t been clipped in several months. And usually, I prefer not to be stepped on when my bed-mate is restless, and I don’t usually let them lay sprawled out and snoring on top of me. And definitely, I don’t usually let anyone who sheds black hairs rest on my white eyelet bedspread.

But I am powerless to resist this face:

My sweetie pup

My sweetie pup


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