Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Yeah, I’m no June Cleaver, but who is? August 8, 2008

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I really need to clean the kitchen floor.

Not only are there numerous crumbs (mostly created from spilled Special K cereal and Cheerios) covering it, but there is also a thin veneer of all free & clear covering the floor by the dryer. (I was doing laundry and knocked the full measuring cup off of the top of the dryer. And it didn’t just make a little puddle, it flew all over the wall by the dryer too. Oh well, at least it’s clear.) But the spilled detergent only compliments the snuggle that I spilled a few days before that. (are you beginning to see a pattern?) The snuggle made the kitchen smell good.

Oh, and I have a pile of dirty clothes that I am seriously worrying is going to start stinking before I get to them, because I kinda threw wet washrags on top of them. (Hey, I was cleaning the bathtub.)

Please don’t get the impression that I am a slob though.  It’s not THAT bad. I did wipe up most of the detergent with a swiffer cloth and a dirty dish towel. Mostly.

And the reason I can’t do the floor today is because I’m going shopping.

I know y’all would just HATE it if I missed a sale.

So I’m off in search of an ice cream maker and new glasses. (So that I can better see the mess that I make with the ice cream maker.)


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