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Guess who was bitten 22 times? August 12, 2008

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Today D’s dog Sabrina* (as opposed to my sweet little Mayzie-Jane) got out of her pen and decided to take a little stroll around the neighborhood.

When I say little stroll, I mean run at full blast around the neighborhood, stopping only to pee and poop in other people’s flower beds. Sabrina used to be allowed out to run (lots of people let their dogs run free in this neighborhood), but she made the mistake of getting knocked up and having 8 puppies, (we had her fixed after that), and she must stay in her (large, shady, plenty of food and water in it) pen.

Well, long story short, Sabrina got out of her pen, my mom and my sister and I managed to catch her fairly easily. The first time. When we caught her, we decided to use Mayzie-Jane’s extra harness and leash on her so that we wouldn’t have to carry her (she weighs around 70 lbs or so). Well, she’s a sneaky little pup, and managed to wiggle out of the harness, right as we were going to get her back to her pen (and her puppy (D kept one puppy) that was crying pitifully). So we chase her and chase her, until finally I manage to corner her and scoop her up, carrying her home.

And boy, was she ever pissed. Never in my life have I heard a dog making noises like that. Not growling or barking, more than anything it sounded like a toddler having a temper tantrum, and I am not making this up.

Anyway, the long chase and then standing around talking by her pen (which is close to the woods and creek), left me with 22 mosquito bites (those were the ones I could see to count) on my legs.

I have really sensitive skin, so mosquito bites bug me extra bad. I took a baking soda bath earlier, but I am about to put some hydrocortisone cream on my legs and call it a night.

*I love Sabrina, I really do, but she is a little escape artist. She’s too cute to stay mad at though.

These pictures don’t really do these bites justice, since I had to take them with my phone camera, because my digital one has dead batteries.

Itchy, itchy Legs On the Couch

Itchy, itchy Legs On the Couch



My Itchy Feet

My Itchy Feet


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