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I’ve Got The Itch. August 12, 2008

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Eww. That title sounds gross. And could very possibly be misconstrued. My itching is caused from my 22+ mosquito bites from yesterday. I counted 22 then, but have found more today. Let me tell you, if I had not been standing outside near the woods, I would seriously suspect I was coming down with the chicken pox. I cannot stop scratching.

I went to buy new glasses today, and I am sure the nice lady at the optometrist’s thought I had a problem because while we were sitting down measuring my face, I kept clawing at my legs. Nice lady, if you are reading this, I assure you that I don’t have a contagious itching disease, just lots of mosquito bites and long fingernails that are perfect to scratch with.

By the way, the fingernails are getting snip snipped tonight, because I have scratched my bites so much that they are all oozy now. ( TMI, sorry.) I know, I know, I shouldn’t scratch them, but it’s just so hard not to. And I’m pretty sure that I was scratching in my sleep last night too. I need adult sized scratch mittens.

What’s the worst itching story you have? Know any good remedies for itching? Please share with me, I am willing to try nearly anything, I have already tried baking soda baths and hydrocortisone cream, which helped a lot, but wears off after awhile. So if you have any, and I do mean any ideas at all, let me know!!!


3 Responses to “I’ve Got The Itch.”

  1. Two rememdies: The first is to get your body to release all it’s histamines. This would require standing in the hottest shower you can tolerate, which will make you itch like mad for a few minutes, but will give 8 hours relief so you can sleep. The second solution is After Bite, which is an ammonia solution. It really works well, and it’s about 4 bucks at the pharmacy.

  2. Mike Says:

    I read somewhere about putting rubbing alcohol on the bite and then covering it with tape (to trap the alcohol there). It is supposed to do the releasing the histamines thing and drive you crazy for a few minutes. When it stops driving you crazy, you are supposed to be healed. I haven’t had a bit to try it on yet so let me know if it works.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Thanks middle-aged-woman and mike for the suggestions. I will have to try the shower and the alcohol taping. I’ve used after-bite before, and I do think it’s wonderful, but it seems to wear off after awhile. The other two suggestions sound great since it seems like they will let me get some sleep. (And hopefully prevent me from mauling myself in my sleep!)

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