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The Itching Bitch Returns August 13, 2008

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Yesterday, I got two helpful suggestions on how to cure my itching from Middle-Aged-Woman and Mike.

Middle-Aged-Woman said that I should stand in the hottest shower I could stand, which would make me itch like crazy (it did), and that would release all my histamines, making me not itch for awhile.  Last night, before I went to bed, I tried this. The Results? It did make me itch like mad for awhile, then it stopped. I was a little itchy when I got into bed, but I was able to sleep for a LONG time last night. (1:00-10:10 this morning…the longest I have slept in ages.) But, when I woke up, I was itching again. So I think it worked pretty well, because it allowed me to sleep (and prevented me from clawing myself in my sleep).

Mike suggested that I put rubbing alcohol on cotton balls, then tape them to myself. ( Again, this is supposed to make you itch like crazy, release all your histamines, and stop the itching.) So when I was itching this morning, I decided to give this a try.  I really hoped that today wouldn’t be the day that the UPS man decided to pay me a visit, as this method forced me to walk around the house pantsless (TMI, sorry!) so that I wouldn’t get rubbing alcohol all over my clothes. The results? I think this worked on some of the bites, since I have so many I couldn’t really tape over all of them, so I went after the ones that were itching the worst.  Those bites haven’t bugged me so much since then, but I am still a little bit itchy, although not nearly as bad. I actually thought the alcohol felt good since it was cool to my skin, even though it did bring on a bout of itching. And it couldn’t hurt to rub some alcohol on the bites anyway, to prevent them from getting infected.

So, I think both suggestions are good things to try if you are itching from mosquito bites, since they both gave me some relief from the constant itching.

Here is a picture of my leg during the process.

cotton ball covered leg

cotton ball covered leg


2 Responses to “The Itching Bitch Returns”

  1. Not being able to sleep is just the WORST. Glad it helped.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for your tips, M-A-W, being able to sleep really helped me.

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