Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Up and At Em August 15, 2008

Filed under: good news — Rachel @ 11:30 am

Today was the morning for my follow up appointment about the ovarian cyst I had earlier. (Everything is resolving itself, and I am feeling MUCH better.)

I had decided to take the early appointment, just so I could get it over with and not have to spend the whole day waiting around to go.

This forced me to get up MUCH MUCH earlier than usual. I used to get up at 6:00 everyday, but since I’ve started college, I’ve become a much later riser. I usually don’t get up until well, about 9:00-hey it’s summer. School starts back soon and I’ll have to get up a lot earlier than that, so don’t be too jealous.

I discovered that getting up early  has much of the same effect as coming in at  the same time from a long night out. Both leave me feeling disoriented, vaguely nauseated, and willing to lie down on any horizontal surface. This morning as I stumbled down the stairs, I cast a wistful glance at my dog’s bed. She moved so that she was entirely sprawled out on it, looking at me like “Don’t even think about it.” I shuffled into the kitchen, popped a bagel-ful into the microwave, and poured myself a nice big glass of diet dr. pepper. Hey, a girl has to  wake up somehow.  (I promise I don’t usually drink coke for breakfast.)  I got my bagel-ful out of the microwave, and tore into it much like those carcass eating lions you see on animal planet.  I stared at a newspaper for awhile, not really reading it, then I went upstairs to get dressed.  After I managed to clothe myself and smear on some make-up, I was off.

Sort of.

There was a wreck probably less than a mile from our town’s on-ramp. I sat in traffic for 30 minutes, with the windows down, serenading all those who were (un?)fortunate enough to be sitting near me. I sang classics like “Walk This Way”, and a new favorite “Picture To Burn” (which seems to eerily chronicle every past relationship I have had-“So go on and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy, I’ll tell mine you’re gay.”)  I wished that I could talk to D to pass the time, but he was in bed snoozing after a long hard night at work. I’m sure the people around me wished that I could call someone too.

Well, they got the wreck cleared up enough for people to drive around it (wrecks make me SO nervous, I hope whoever was involved is ok) and I made good time getting downtown.

The traffic wasn’t really that bad downtown, with the exception of somebody in a van that would NOT let me over. I hate that. And I could tell that they were doing it on purpose, I would speed up to pass them, they would speed up so I couldn’t, I would slow down, they would slow down- you get the picture.

And then, just as I was getting ready to turn into the hospital parking lot, some guy flipped me off! I really have no idea why. He was crossing the street, but he was on the OPPOSITE side of the street, and I couldn’t really stop the car in the MIDDLE OF DOWNTOWN TRAFFIC.  This caused me to want to roll down the window and yell, but it really isn’t lady-like to yell “OH YEAH? WELL FUCK YOU TOO!”  out of a car window. So I just returned the favor and pulled into the parking lot.

Everything after that went very smoothly. I got good news from the doctor, and then I had a smooth trip home.  Then I had to go to wal-mart (for like the fourth time this week, I am a terrible planner) to buy kibble and hair conditioner. I threw in a new collar and some doggie treats too, because someone is getting a b-a-t-h very very soon, and will expect a treat for the indignity of having to stand outside to be rinsed with the hose.


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