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5 Favorite Things (This Week Anyway) August 19, 2008

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You know how Oprah has her favorite things? Well, I’m no Oprah, but I have favorite things too. If I were rich, I would buy you all some, so that you could love and appreciate them too. Here are my 10 Favorite (material) things right now.

1.  My Barely There Invisible Look Underwire Bra (style 4104) in Ice Blue.

Why:   Because I love sharing too much on the internet, I will not hesitate to tell you that once you get to a certain bra size things start….happening…an extra hook is added, and straps become wide and grandma-like. Well, for those of us that are uh, well endowed, here is your solution. This bra is pretty and feminine, but does not have froufrou bows and lace that look AWFUL underneath clothes. It also has a lack of grandma-straps. (Which are fine under some things, but if you wear a low-cut top you have bra straps hanging out of the sides of your shirt. Not a good look.) The band in the back is also wide enough that it doesn’t give you that weird back fat look.

2. Spray N’ Wash with “Resolve” Power

Why:  Not to sound like too much of a domestic diva for talking about laundry all the time (believe me, I am definitely not), but this stuff works like magic.  I tend to make a lot of messes-I am around kids a lot, I love to cook, and I LOVE outdoor things like hiking, caving, etc, and don’t mind getting a little dirty.  I had a camisole that I had dribbled tomato sauce down and didn’t catch the stain right off the bat, so it got washed without any stain stuff. This resulted in washed in tomato stains.  I sprayed some of this stuff on there, washed it again, and it looks like new. This stuff has gotten out tomato sauce, blood (it’s hard not to scratch at twenty-two mosquito bites), chocolate, and numerous other things. If you have babies or small children, you will love this stuff. And it smells pretty too.

3. Iams Kibble in the red bag (I think it is lamb and rice flavor)

Mayzie has never been a big kibble eater. She likes to eat wet food the best.  Although wet food contains everything she needs nutritionally, I think that the crunchy food is better for her teeth.  We started mixing up half a can of wet food with a big plate of kibble. Mayzie is a pretty smart dog, so she somehow figured out how to eat the wet food without actually eating all that much of the kibble.  Sometimes she would eat the kibble, and lots of times we just ended up throwing away platefuls of licked-clean kibble. We tried so many different brands, we tried giving it to her with gravy, we mixed it and mixed it, but still she managed to eat only the wet food. Finally, she came to the end of her last bag of kibble. I saw this kind in wal-mart and decided I would give it a try.  I am proud to say that Mayzie has been a member of the clean plate club since we have bought this bag.  And, the crunchy food makes her teeth look pretty and white.

3. My new Ted Baker Galaxy frames.

Why:  I’ve had lots and lots of pairs of glasses, and these are my favorites. I usually wear contacts, and only wear glasses if I am relaxing before bed, or if my eyes are tired. Not these glasses, they are so cute! They are black on top and rimless on the bottom. This is good because I have black eyebrows and my eye color is such a dark brown that it could probably be called black. Rimless glasses disappear on my face, but I didn’t like the severe look that some of the dark frames gave me. I found these and it was love at first sight. I have worn them for 2 days in a row now and gotten so many nice compliments.

4. D’s Eternity for men cologne

Why: This stuff smells sooooo good. I love the way D puts it on on date nights.  Some colognes can be overpowering and too spicy smelling. This one smells clean and masculine. Perfect.

5. My Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

Why:  It smells good and I don’t have to keep reapplying it all day.  It even works on dry knees. You can buy a 3 pack of it at Sams.  Plus, it’s in a pump bottle, which I think makes much less of a mess.

So those are my 5 favorite things this week.

What are some of your favorite things?


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