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Raise your hand if you just did something DUMB. *Raises Hand* August 19, 2008

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So, I have been doing laundry all morning.

Good for me, right?

Actually, I don’t mind doing laundry, because all you have to do is feed the stuff into the machine, turn it on, and go about your business till it’s done.

Now I have many many clean towels, but unfortunately, they are all piled on the recliner and the end of the couch…I will fold them…someday….

Now onto my DUMB thing that I did.

I was picking up stuff to wash, and I decided that I would wash a bunch of tank tops and things that I wanted to wear. You know, those plain cotton ribbed tank tops, like Old Navy sells. I have a bunch of them, but not enough to fill up a whole washing machine, so I went around picking up more of my clothes….some shorts, tshirts, swimsuit cover-up, and a RED stretchy camisole. Into the washer they all go.

See the problem?

I hear the washer go off, and I go downstairs to put the things into the dryer. I pull out a white tank top…noting that it looks slightly pink. Another white tank top features bold pink splotches.


Let me just take this opportunity to tell you that I know how to do laundry. I have lived (partially) on my own for 2 years now. I know that white things + red things= pink things. But I washed these things in COLD water, and I had washed the red camisole before….so I thought it would be ok….I routinely mix up all kinds of crap in the washing machine, because I wash everything except towels and panties in cold water. I have never screwed this up. It is not that hard. Turn the washer on. Put in some detergent. Insert clothes. Shut the lid and walk away for awhile. Come back and put the clothes in the dryer. Repeat until you no longer have a 3 foot pile of dirty laundry in your bathroom.

I know that this is no big deal because yes, they are just tank tops and can be bleached back to normal, and hey, it’s not like they cost that much anyway, and again, they are just shirts.

It’s the fact that I ignored that little voice in the back of your head, you know, the one that routinely tells you things like “hey, maybe you shouldn’t eat that second piece of cake, you actually want to be able to wear those jeans again” or “hey, shouldn’t you be mopping the floors right about now? there are enough crumbs on it to feed a small country.” or “hey, why don’t you clean out your closet? i don’t think you are going to need those pants you wore when you were eleven.”

I frequently tell that little voice to shove it.

Today the little voice said “Seriously? You’re going to put those white things in with the colors? DUMBASS!”


3 Responses to “Raise your hand if you just did something DUMB. *Raises Hand*”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’m hyperparanoid about keeping the whites on their own and never violate…and for the times that I do, I never do with red clothes…and for the times that I do, I cry.

    Sorry about the pink clothes.

  2. Red things will always run in the wash, and your favorite jeans will always shrink in the dryer. Both of these are true no matter how many times they have been washed.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Thanks Mike. I have learned my lesson about it. I think I am going to start putting things into separate laundry baskets so that I am not tempted to put things all in together to fill up the washer. Although that will be hard to do. I hate doing little tiny loads of laundry. I feel like I’m wasting water/detergent.

    MAW-I hear you about the jeans. At least things can be bleached and worn until they are their normal color and size again. =)

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