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Now I Will Never Get Anything Done August 20, 2008

Filed under: nerdiness — Rachel @ 9:17 pm

D got a new game today.

Mario Kart Wii.

We kind of played it for two hours before he went to work today.

I have just one thing to say, and this will be soooo much cooler if you watch the Simpsons and imagine comic-book-guy saying it…..”BEST….GAME…..EVER.”

I’m addicted.

My favorite course was one that ran through a shopping mall.

Of course, having spent  thousands of dollars and  thousands of hours in malls, it’s no wonder I felt right at home.

I can’t believe they managed to combine a racing video game and shopping….it’s like they were inside my brain.

I am a huge nerd.

I’m going to go watch The Simpsons and wait for D to come back so we can play some more Mario Kart.


2 Responses to “Now I Will Never Get Anything Done”

  1. Mike Says:

    I played that at Best Buy once and have on purposely not bought it just so I would be able to get some things done.

    They should give you the option of actually buying things while you are driving through the mall if you are connected to the internet. Hook the game up to Amazon or something.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Mike, I do believe you are a genius. If they could do that, that would be AWESOME.

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