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Seriously? August 20, 2008

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I was browsing through one of my mom’s magazines this morning, when I came upon an ad for these things-.mmdolls

My first thought was “Who buys this crap?”

This is a $30, 6 inch, “collectible” doll. The magazine ad scolds that “These dolls are not toys; they are fine collectibles to be enjoyed by adult collectors.”

What the hell?

Now please, if you collect these things, don’t get all mad at me, I just really don’t get it.

Why would people spend $30 a pop on a doll that is only 6 inches long?

And why do they think that the M&M’s onesies make them so cute?

I mean, I like babies and M&Ms, but if I had a baby, I wouldn’t be running out to buy it an M&M’s onesie. I mean, I guess they are kind of cute, but what do you DO with them, besides look?

My criteria for dolls when I was little (this will be used again if I ever have a daughter) was that the doll needed to look life-like and be able to be dressed in real baby clothes. I had a Lee Middleton doll-Cute Dolls

I loved that doll-I still do. I still have her. I would say that she was my favorite childhood toy. Yes, she was very expensive for a doll. But she felt like a real baby, and I could dress her in all kinds of different outfits( she wore preemie baby clothes, and real bottles and pacifiers would fit in her mouth)-I carried her everywhere, I played with her everyday. She is no worse for the wear. I know she was worth the money, because she didn’t just sit on a shelf somewhere.

I just don’t understand the whole “sit in a box on a shelf” thing. Nearly every time I got a Barbie as a kid, some well meaning relative would say “Oh, don’t take her out of the box, she’ll be worth something someday.” My mom and I were firmly not in this camp, and every Barbie was promptly torn out of the box, dragged around, and played with. Oh sure, I gave some of them ink pen eyeliner and terrible hair cuts, but I loved playing with them.

The memories I have from playing with my toys are worth far more to me than whatever I could have sold them for. Even if they were worth a billion dollars, I wouldn’t change a thing.


4 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. The other thing you do with them besides look? You dust them.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh yes, we can’t forget about the dusting.
    What kind of dusting spray do you use on a six inch baby doll?

  3. Mike Says:

    I have a grandpa that nobody can ever buy presents for. He happens to dig M&Ms so people frequently buy him M&M themed items. Those dolls wouldn’t even work for that.

    Now if they were 6 feet instead of 6 inches it might just be quirky enough.

  4. Rachel Says:

    I think a six foot baby would be hilarious. You could drag it after you, you could prop it up in a window to deter burglars, you could put it in the car in the mornings so that you could ride in the HOV lane.

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