Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Back To School August 25, 2008

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Hello all!

I do apologize for not updating sooner, but this weekend has just been kind of crazy. I had to bring stuff back up here to get ready for school, then come home and do some family things.

So, today is the first day of my Junior year of college. I am halfway through, which I am ever so grateful for.

It’s hard to not be with D during the week.

I mean, when you go from being with someone 24/7, to being away from them during the week, it is hard.

We’ve done it for the past two years though, so we can do it again.

And, we’ll have the weekends 🙂

I just have to keep reminding myself that I am doing this so that D and I can have a better life once we get married.

And I get to live with my awesome friend H!

I can’t believe how fast these last few college years have flown by, it seems like just yesterday that I was graduating from high school.


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