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8 Random Facts About Me August 26, 2008

Filed under: nerdiness — Rachel @ 10:54 pm

Middle-Aged-Woman over at unmitigated wrote 8 randomly unspectacular things about herself the other day.

I decided to play too and post 8 random facts about myself, even though I think nothing about myself is unspectacular (well, I never said I wasn’t self-confident, now did I?)

1. I have watched The Simpsons since I was 2 years old. I crack up when people tell me they weren’t allowed to watch it as kids.  I never knew that it worked on two levels until I was at least 11.

2. I love watching ghost shows and reading ghost stories, even though I always end up completely terrified if I watch/read by myself. They fascinate me though.

3. I am the least picky eater I have ever seen. However, I do not like the following: radishes, eggplant (even though it’s such a lovely color), watermelon candy, green apple candy, lima beans (tolerable if they are mixed in with something else), and any fatty meat. Blecchhh.

4. Even though I am one of the most open minded and outspoken people you will ever meet, I have the sense of humor of a ten year old. I have no problem talking about sex or body parts, but anytime someone says something about “anus”, “rectum”, or “feces” I can’t help but giggle a little.

5. I have eaten half a watermelon by myself on multiple occasions.

6. I have a pink lava lamp on my desk. I turn it on a lot. It distracts me. I find it soothing.

7. I had a crush on D for years before we got together.

8. It really annoys me when people say “lie-berry” instead of LIBRARY!


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