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Toeday (Warning, Graphic Pics) September 30, 2008

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I have something special for you. Something really unique. Something I’m sure you’ve always wanted.

Two pictures of my mangled toenail.

My Toe Toeday

My Toe Toeday

Right after the incident. Gross huh?

Right after the incident. Gross huh?

I apologize if these gross you out too much. Then again, I did warn you….


So I sort of ripped half my toenail off…. September 29, 2008

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Gross, huh?

I was visiting the apartment of one of my very best friends in the world, when I had to pee. I went to shut the bathroom door. Plush Carpet+door+chunky, clunky sandals=OUCH.

Actually, it really and truly didn’t hurt all THAT bad. I mean, it didn’t hurt any worse than when you stub your toe on the door. Only when I sat down to pee did I notice that, yes Virginia, a large piece of my toenail was hanging off. Still, I didn’t think it was all that bad, until I realized that, hey, toenails aren’t supposed to start oozing blood out from underneath.  So a bandaid was applied, and I have yet to see the full extent of the damage; partly because I wanted to get a bandaid on it really fast so that I wouldn’t ooze blood all over said plush carpet, and partly because I have no neosporin, and no, I don’t really feel like driving to get any tonight.

I am unsure as to why I have no neosporin, but I do have 3 pizza lunchables in my fridge, but this is the logic that is Rachel.

One thing though-should I attempt to wash this out? I mean, (TMI here) the blood was coming from underneath the toenail, not from the actual exposed part.

On the plus side, when it starts to bruise it won’t matter, cause my toenails were painted black anyway.


So, I sort of spent way too long doing this….

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I found  this thing today.

Addictive, terribly, terribly addictive.

Especially for someone like me, who may not really care for studying her chemistry book, but thoroughly enjoys long useless lists and random bits of trivia.

If you are this kind of person too, or even if you are not, I must warn you before clicking that link, because seriously, it’s like internet crack.


Well, I feel like a jerk. September 27, 2008

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Last night D and I went to that suburban mecca otherwise known as wal-mart. We felt like doing a jigsaw puzzle, but quickly realized we had already done all the ones we had at home (have you ever noticed that they aren’t as fun to put together the second time around?). So, off we went to wal-mart, to buy a puzzle and all the ingredients for dirt.

(Yes, we are like two giant twentysomething kids…oh we also spent a copious amount of time drooling over the Halloween costumes and candy.)

Now, onto the part where Rachel and D sound like big jerks!

There was this kid, probably about 11 or 12 years old, so a big kid, darting around in the toy aisles (where we were looking for puzzles) . We didn’t think much of this until the kid started darting between us. D sort of gave the kid a “where are your parents” look, and went back to looking. Then the kid darted between us again, nearly knocking me down.  This earned the kid a “what is your problem” look from both of us. Then the kid’s dad saw us. ” Oh, don’t mind him,” he said, “He’s autistic.”

Ouch. I officially felt like a jackass.

“Oh, I understand,” I said. “I’m going to be a special ed teacher.” I really, really, wanted to apologize further, but couldn’t think of anything to say. What really bugs me about this is that I feel like I should have realized that this kid had something going on. I know what autism looks like. I know that typically developing 12 year old boys don’t run around in the disney toys aisle of wal-mart meowing (echolalia). I know!

I mean, the dad didn’t seem mad or anything, and I know it’s not like we technically did anything wrong, but still, I felt like supreme bitch of the universe.


I am a lucky bitch September 25, 2008

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Just in case you had any doubts, I am a lucky lucky bitch?

“Why are you lucky?” you ask.

Because my dear friends, I am giving a speech about the Simpsons vs. Famil.y Gu.y.

And my professor loves it.

I have watched the Simpsons for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty good at keeping up with Famil.y Gu.y as well.

Oh, and I parallel parked my car for the first time since driver’s ed. Which was quite a while ago.

How bout them apples?


Hoofing It

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I walk. Everywhere. Well, that is everywhere on campus. Some people ride bikes, and others choose to drive. I like walking. I don’t get the bike riding. Sure, riding a bike is fun, but riding a bike on the sidewalks is VERY frowned upon, so if you have to venture even a little bit off campus, you have to contend with fast moving traffic. (Speed limit on campus is 15mph, with fairly wide streets so that you aren’t really riding with traffic).  I really, REALLY, don’t get why people choose to drive from one building to another on campus. This university, although certainly not tiny, is really not all that big. Parking is HORRENDOUS this year, so if you find a parking spot, you better keep park it until you are ready to leave.  Plus, student parking is not usually located right behind buildings….so even if you move your car to try to get “closer” you are still going to have to walk.

So I walk. Everywhere. Sometimes I even walk downtown just to look around. I like walking. I can take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. (Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh air?) I can go at my own pace. I walk so much that I don’t feel quite so compelled to work out since, hey, walking is good for you. Right?

Do you like walking places, or do you prefer to ride a bike or drive your car (even if you aren’t going far)?


Things I Want September 23, 2008

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I saw that car again with the “Do not meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You Are  Crunchy and Good With Ketchup.”

That bumper sticker makes me smile. I may need it.

The only bumper stickers I have on my car are a window decal with the name of my college on it, and an Episcopal church sticker. I like them. They tell a lot about me just from a glance at my car. But they aren’t funny like the dragon one.

I also want an Obam.a 08 sticker for my car, especially since election time is getting close. Represent yo.

Others I would like include the “When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died” , “1.20.09-The End of An Error”, and my personal favorite” ‘Where’s My Bird ,Dad? ‘He died because of your poor grades.'”

I would also like a speech topic for the speech I have to write. It has to be an informative speech. Maybe I will write about bumper stickers. Seriously though, any ideas? I want to stay away from topics like a.bortion, the war in Ira.q, and gay marriage (I’m pro-choice , against, and for, just in case you had any doubts) because the next speech we write has to be argumentative. So this one just sort of needs to be about something neutral.  And informative.

I really have no clue what to talk about.  I want to write about something I’m interested in, because that way I’ll be able to remember the speech better, and I’ll also be able to speak with more conviction. But I don’t want it to be anything that I feel TOO strongly about, because then I’ll come off as sounding argumentative. And that’s for next time.  I am a world class arguer. Just ask D. I will so own that speech. But informative? I can’t think of much that I just happen to know a bunch of random facts about.  I thought about writing about the gay marriage ban in TN, but then I’d just get pissed because it’s so stupid. I thought about writing something informative about Planned Parenthood, but then I might feel like I was arguing about it.  Actually though, the more I think about it the more I think that that is something that I could write about that I support and care about, without getting into an argument about it.  Planned Parenthood does this….and that….and they also do this…..end of speech.

Still not sure though.

What do you think?

Any good topic ideas?