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"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Ew. September 6, 2008

Filed under: crap people buy — Rachel @ 12:32 am

Why do teenage boys think that axe body spray smells so good?

And, even more mysteriously, why do teenage girls think it smells good?

Personally, I think that crap smells like air freshner for your car, but hey I am not a teenager, so what do I know?

Confession: When I WAS a teenage teenyboppin hi! school girl, I did think that shit smelled good. I thought that it made guys smell “sexy”.

Then I hit 20, and now I think that the stuff REEKS.

Actually, I think when I started college is when I thought the stuff reeked. So let’s say everyone under the age of 18 thinks it smells good.

Now, it’s not like I am hanging around any teenage boys (because that would make me, i don’t know, a pedophile) but I can’t help but smell it when I’m walking through a grocery store or something.

These guys have to be using like half a can a day to get that kind of intensity. My 17 year old sister says it smells good if you don’t use too much, but then again, she is 17.

But, it might work in my car.


3 Responses to “Ew.”

  1. 12 year-old-girls think it’s stinky, too. I have a story for you. I once came back from lunch to my classroom to get things ready for a sub who was taking my class for the afternoon so I could attend a meeting. I walked into the room and nearly CHOKED on the AXE. I cornered the usual suspect and said, Dude! WAY TOO MUCH! You’re killing us! Guess what? It wasn’t him. It was the 22-ish guy who was subbing for me.

  2. i saw your comment on MAW’s blog so came to read, cause i don’t get the axe thing either.
    there are a couple that smell ok in moderation – but i think only as the body wash or deodorant. the spray is too much, always.
    of course, by mid-twenties, most guys are making enough that they can buy good cologne, and it’s good smells all around.

  3. Rachel Says:

    MAW, you should have informed him that in no way will that ever help him attract a mate of the female sort.

    thanks for the comment gathering dust! I am glad that other people think it smells so bad. I agree with you about the cologne. My fiance is 26 and wears Eternity….OOOH I love it!

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