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I am a lucky bitch September 25, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rachel @ 9:18 pm

Just in case you had any doubts, I am a lucky lucky bitch?

“Why are you lucky?” you ask.

Because my dear friends, I am giving a speech about the Simpsons vs. Famil.y Gu.y.

And my professor loves it.

I have watched the Simpsons for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty good at keeping up with Famil.y Gu.y as well.

Oh, and I parallel parked my car for the first time since driver’s ed. Which was quite a while ago.

How bout them apples?


2 Responses to “I am a lucky bitch”

  1. Parallel parking kept Partly Cloudy Daughter from passiing her driver’s test THREE TIMES.

  2. Rachel Says:

    We don’t have to do that here in TN…the driving test I took was really easy. I was SO surprised that I managed to actually get the car into that space. It’s one of those things where you sit there and think “I know this car can NOT fit into that tiny space.” but it did, and my was I proud of myself.

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