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How Public Is Your Blog? October 13, 2008

I’ve noticed on several of the blogs I like to read, it seems as if they get lots of comments from family members. This is nice, but my family/friends don’t read this blog. My sister has seen it a few times, and so has D, but other than that I haven’t made a big deal out of it. Why? Because I have another blog that I feel is more suited to the people that I know. I share more “sensored” information there. Here I feel like I can write about anyone/anything without it getting back to that person. (With the exception of one post that I ended up making private, because it was a rant about an old high school girlfriend and even though I know the chances are favoring on the none side of the slim to none chance she would ever see this, I knew it would be very hurtful to her.)  I mean, I don’t try to keep this a secret-secret. I use a  real picture of myself and use my real first name. I don’t I try not to write anything that is uneccesarily hurtful or mean-spirited about people. I do write down how things make me feel. I don’t mince words if something really made me mad. I mean, it’s my blog. If you made me angry/sad/whatever, I have the right to express that.  That being said, I do edit some of what I write so that on the off chance someone I know in real-life read it, they wouldn’t immediately know that I was talking about them. (I.E., I don’t use real first names, I don’t reveal things told to me in confidence.)  I am sort of in a conundrum right now. I am having issues with a friend person  that I would like advice about, but the things I would write would probably escalate the situation/cause unecessary hurt feelings if the person ever read it. I mean, no, I don’t exactly advertise my blog to people I know, but it can be found just by typing in a few words to google.

So what do you think? To tell or not to tell?


One Response to “How Public Is Your Blog?”

  1. my blog is very public. a good portion of my family reads it, some of my coworkers know about it – all my posts are imported into facebook.
    i rarely talk directly about people though, at least in any way that could be construed as negative.

    maybe just do a general callout for advice, and then anyone who responds, email what the issue is? that way you can get some help, but won’t risk any feelings.

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