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"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Your day to play “Dear Abby” October 14, 2008

Filed under: the internets is cheaper than therapy — Rachel @ 10:38 am

Many thanks to gathering.dust for this idea!

I am having a problem with someone that I would really appreciate advice about. However, I don’t really want to write it here, because I am afraid that on the off-chance this person saw this and read something (yeah, it’s paranoid, but this is a person who spends a good deal of time on the internet, and stranger things have happened) that it would cause unecessary hurt feelings and escalate the whole thing.

So if you want to be fabulous and generous, leave me a comment and I will email you the whole situation, so that you can give me advice without me making the whole thing visible to everyone on the web.


One Response to “Your day to play “Dear Abby””

  1. Glad to help 🙂

    And email me – if I can give any useful advice, I will be happy to!

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