Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

“Cultivate your curves. They may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.”-Mae West October 16, 2008

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I love that quote. Middle-Aged Woman wrote a blog today that really got me to thinkin. She wrote about self image, which obviously made me think about my own self image. Which, at the moment, is pretty damned good.

Let me give you a small background of myself. I have had food issues/body issues for half my life. When I was 10, a relative (I won’t say who, because it is someone that I love VERY much, and I know they never meant anything hurtful) made the comment that we should both lose 10 pounds that summer. I. Was. Ten. Now I’m not saying that that caused the whole thing, the seeds were probably already in my mind at that point. But it still hurt. Then a few years later it really came into full swing. I won’t go into details here, because it’s a long drawn out, painful story, that I really don’t like rehashing out.

Let’s just say that I am five feet eight inches tall, and weighed 114 lbs at several points during my high school days.

Well, guess what? I don’t weigh that anymore! I don’t weigh anything close to that.  After I graduated, I finally came into my true skin. I don’t really care to share my weight over the internets, but I guess I am brave enough to tell you that I weigh AT LEAST 50 lbs more than that weight. Keep in mind that I said at least. Did the earth fall down because I gained 50 lbs? Nope. Did I turn into a horrendous ugly monster? Nope. Actually, (not to sound conceited here), I get more appreciative looks from the opposite sex now. I am proud of my body.  Is it perfect? No, of course not. Do I have six pack abs and super toned arms? Nope. Do I have awesome legs and pretty shiny hair? Yep. Do I have a pretty peaches and cream complexion that I am very careful with, never going out without sunscreen? Yep. Do I have two functioning arms? Two functioning strong legs? Yes, and yes. There you go. Good enough for me. Good enough for anyone.

That’s not to say that I am the all-self-confident-all-knowing-Rachel. No, not at all. Just today I slipped up. I decided to weigh myself. I weighed 5 lbs more than I thought I did.  Keep in mind that I had JUST eaten and drank. A good sized glass of something probably weighs at least a pound.  I won’t say that I just shrugged and put the scale away. It was enough to rattle me for a few minutes.  But then I thought of Middle-Aged-Woman’s blog entry and the comment that I wrote. I wrote that I thought of myself as “voluptous”. And you know what? That was true. I do. I’m happy to have hips and curves and to be soft and flowing.  Do I care if I gain five pounds? Yeah. Does it ruin my day? No. It just reminds me to eat a little better.

So, I would say that I have a good self image.

A few pictures, just to prove how really un-self conscious I am.

all smiles

all smiles

happy girls are the best girls

happy girls are the best girls

this was my attempt at a sexy face

this was my attempt at a sexy face


2 Responses to ““Cultivate your curves. They may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.”-Mae West”

  1. Holy Schmoly! Who could get past those eyes! Welcome to the Shine Out Loud club!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks M-A-W! 🙂

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