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Barack The Vote! November 4, 2008

Filed under: Yes We Can! — Rachel @ 1:12 pm


Please, please, please go out and vote today if you have not already. This is SUCH an important election. So get out there and Barack the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Or vote for a candidate of your choosing, but I would really think you were an amazing person times a million point four if you voted Obama-Biden)

Yes We Can!

So get out there and vote. Vote for anyone you please! Just please don’t deprive yourself of one of our greatest rights as American citizens!


2 Responses to “Barack The Vote!”

  1. Beagoodmom Says:

    haha. Barack the vote. I like that. I did not hear that one during the election.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Haha thanks BAGM, I told everyone that all week long…pretty sure they got sick of hearing it, but that’s ok. At least they knew how I felt.

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