Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Yet another politically charged post November 7, 2008

I am so disappointed that some friends did not vote.  Now, I am a pretty understanding person about things, so I would understand if you just couldn’t get to the polls for a valid reason, but what makes me so mad is when people say “I didn’t like either of the candidates”.

Well, first of all my friends, I have some fabulous news! There are always MORE than two candidates! *Gasp!* Maybe you should have payed a little more attention in high school government class. You could have voted for any of the third party candidates.  You don’t have to be a democrat or a republican to vote. Yes, I am a diehard democrat. I will probably always be a democrat. But…that does not mean that I will ALWAYS vote for a democrat! I vote for whoever I think will do the best job and who suits my personal beliefs best.  So you can vote for whomever you please, regardless of their party affiliation.

How often in our lives do we get a chance to voice our opinion on something as huge as who we think should run our country? Too many people in this world do not have that right. Don’t give me that “my vote doesn’t even count” bullshit. It does. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. If everyone sat at home and said “Oh, I won’t vote because my vote won’t count”, then what would happen? We would be in a huge mess.  Really, I am thouroughly apalled when I think of all the people that fought so hard just so we could have the right to vote, just to have people not care.

Apathy is dangerous.  I really believe that apathy is probably more dangerous than hate.  If everyone was apathetic about everything, who would stop the hate?

So I just have one final message to the people that DID NOT VOTE and STILL criticized the results of the election: Shame On You.

If you did not care enough to stand up and make your voice heard, you have NO right to criticize those who did. I mean it, I don’t want to hear one damn critical word out of your mouths. If you voted and you did not like the results of the election, then I am sorry that you are not happy, but I am thrilled that you cared enough to voice your opinion.

This post is not directed at one particular person, just at a collective group in general.  I’m really not as bitter as I sound, I promise, I just can’t stand it when people just sit back and watch things happen, then get mad when something they don’t like happens.


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