Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Pre-Turkey Day Blitz November 26, 2008

Filed under: life is flippin suh-weet — Rachel @ 9:32 am

I woke up before seven a.m. this morning. This is a rarity for me, because a) I have nowhere that I HAVE to go today, and b) I don’t get many chances to just sleep as long as I want. But I somehow wanted to get up and get going early today.

And Miss Mayzie Jane also felt that it was an appropriate time for me to wake up.

Me (chatting with D): “Mayzie is crying outside the bedroom door.”

D: “So let her in!”

Me: “No. She’ll get hair all over the white bedspread, and also eat my bee.”

Let me just take this moment to assure you that I do not keep live bees (or dead bees for that matter) in bed with me. My bee refers to my prized stuffed bee, that is actually a yellow jacket, but that’s a different story entirely.

I also want to assure you that I am not a mean dog mommy. Miss Mayzie is welcome to lounge on my bed, provided that a) It is not the day before Thanksgiving, when many, many people are coming to our house tomorrow and b) She makes an attempt to stay on her snowman blanket. Oh yes, and let me assure you that she had already gone to the bathroom, and had adequate food and water, AND has not one, but TWO dog beds for her lounging pleasure.  I really don’t think that she wanted to lay on the bed, she just likes to check up on me. Awww.

I really did feel sort of mean after I got up. Oh well. She forgave me. (Especially after I gave her a few animal crackers.)

I reaally need to clean my bathroom. It’s not filthy or anything, but the counter is littered with makeup and numerous bottles of toothpaste. (Note to self: Finish a bottle of toothpaste before buying more.)

So I’m off to go shop for final Turkey Day touches with my mommy.

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and safe Thanksgiving!


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