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I Need A New Pillow November 28, 2008

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So, I need a new bed pillow.  I’ve had the one currently on my bed for a pretty good while. When I was changing the sheets the other day, I realized that (gross) the cover was stained and it has pretty much lost it’s shape.  It’s a nice pillow, but I think it has seen better days.  I don’t adhere to that thing that you’re supposed to throw away pillows every six months or something because I just don’t think it’s necessary. I throw them away/give them to the dog when they look nasty, feel bad, or are all flattened out and bent out of shape.  I don’t really put too much stock into all that crap about  “there are dust mites inside” blah blah blah. Yes, I’m sure  dust mites are  inside it. Guess what? Dust mites are also IN YOUR MATTRESS and ALL OVER YOUR CARPET and IN YOUR COUCH and ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE. Oh well, big damn deal. Bugs=Everywhere, move on with your life and quit worrying about it. I figure, there is only so much war I can wage on germs and bugs, and I’d rather save that for, I don’t know, things like my food and making sure the bathtub isn’t  black with mildew.

So yeah, back to the pillows. No, I don’t throw them away every six months.  I’ll take my chances with the dust mites or whatever.  I don’t know what kind of pillow to buy.

D has a super pillow. He got it at the sleep.number store. It’s a huge king sized pillow. It’s made out of some kind of super memory foam, doesn’t get hot (you know how you always have to turn the pillow over to get to the cool side? not this one. it doesn’t absorb the heat or something.), and it isn’t too squishy or too hard. It’s pretty heavy though, and it was mucho expensivo.

I like D’s pillow. I often steal it for watching tv and stuff.  I think if I get one like that, I need one that is a little bit lighter though. I sleep on my stomach, with my head turned to the right, with one arm under the pillow.  I don’t need a ultra firm pillow because of this. I don’t want it to feel like I’m sleeping on a mountain (you know, that feeling you get when you’re sleeping on a pillow that’s too thick and it makes your head go at a funny angle?).  I don’t want one that is TOO soft though, because then my neck won’t be supported right.  I also move out of the position I went to sleep in. I wake up on my back or on my side a lot, so I want an equal opportunity pillow, one that is BEST for stomach sleepers, but is comfortable no matter how you use it.

I like the sleep.number pillows, but I’m not sure how much is too much to pay for a pillow.  If I can get an equal quality pillow for cheaper, that would be great.   I like the way some pillows feel initially, but then they get all bunched and jammed as the night goes on.  I like memory foam, but it needs to not be ultra dense. I have a memory foam pillow that I don’t use because it’s contoured and it pokes into my neck funny, and it’s also too thick.

So, in short I need a pillow for:

*someone that sleeps on their stomach, with arm underneath the pillow.

*someone that tosses and turns a bit during their sleep, sometimes ending up on their back or their side

That is:

*not too soft

*not too firm

*not too “thick”

What do you think is a reasonable price for a pillow? I am willing to pay a lot, if the pillow will last for a good while, and will retain it’s shape.

So what kinds of pillows do you like?

What do you recommend?


4 Responses to “I Need A New Pillow”

  1. I get mine at Target. Firm, polyester, don’t like the feathers.

    Stop by my blog for an award…

  2. Rachel Says:

    I will have to look at target then MAW! I am not overly fond of feathers either. Much too squishy. I feel like the “princess and the pea” when I am looking at pillows. And Goldilocks “this one is too soft!” “This one is too hard!”

  3. Beagoodmom Says:

    I wash/bleach our pillows. Kills those mites! And it seems to fluf them up a bit.

  4. Rachel Says:

    BAGM, how do you get the pillows dry? My friend that I used to live with washed some of the pillows once and we had to throw them away, because they just would not get dry. (And started to smell a bit mildewy) She put them in the dryer and everything. Who knows, maybe they were mutant pillows.

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