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Maybe I’ll Tell You, Maybe I Won’t….. December 1, 2008

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So D and I were chatting away this weekend, mostly daydreaming about the future, talking about building houses, having babies, etc.

I love having chats like that, because it’s so fun to daydream about.

I think we’ve already nailed down our two favorite names (one boy name, one girl name), but I still have other names in my head that I like as well. (And hey, twins run on both sides of the family.)

I decided to use this handy tool to check the popularity of the names.

All but two of my names haven’t been in the top 1000 for the last 8 years!

Yes! Hooray for obscure baby names! They aren’t weird names, just old fashioned. I don’t like trendy names at all.  The “Twilight” books thrilled me because there wasn’t an Aidan or Alexia (sorry, sorry sorry, if those are your children’s names, I feel bad now.) in sight. All the main characters had those neat old fashioned names. (I know it’s because they weren’t born in this century, but just let me enjoy my moment, k?)

Hehe, I won’t tell you my top two names, because it’s a surprise, a surprise for who, I don’t know, but I am not telling hahahah!

I’ll share some of my back-up names:

1. Isla- did not break the top 1000 in the past 8 years

2. Thea- did not break the top 1000 in the past 8 years

3. Colleen- ranked 898 in 2006

4. Tziporah- did not break the top 1000 in the past 8 years

5. Sam-ranked 454  in 2007

So as you can see, love me some old names. Why? I just think they are so much more beautiful and flowing than the names we have now. D and I have old names but (in my own special little opinion) beautiful names, biblical names. D and I also have popular names, showing that  popular doesn’t always mean new.

Other names I like include: Jack, Josephine, Audrey, Wyatt, Ben, Violet, Helen, Eleanor, Stella, Adelaide, Belle….I could go on and on.

(I don’t have as many boys names listed as girls names, because it’s hard for me to think of boys names, which is why I’m so attatched to the one I have now)

What kinds of names do you like?

How did you choose your children’s names (if you have any)?

How far in advance did you have your names picked out?


5 Responses to “Maybe I’ll Tell You, Maybe I Won’t…..”

  1. AZ Mom Says:

    Love the classic names! Boys names are harder because women usually come from childhoods where they named their babies and most always those babies were girls. Darn Harbro! 😉 I loved Henry (family name). Husband gave it a big stink-face. We have a Sam. I also like Jack or Jackson. Ben. Forgive me, but I also love Fred. Or Harry. I’ve a big German heritage so I even sort of like Otto. I know. We’re weird. Girls’ names are too fun. I just told husband last night that I wish I had named our Abby “Gretchen”. Hey! Is that a stink-face?! A long ago family friend from Germany. Hand to God! 😉 I also love Caroline. Ruby. Grandmother’s name. Evie is a favorite. We watch Charlie and Lola over here. It’s a Disney cartoon thing. We had our names picked out about 3 months before the arrival of each of the kids. We took lists to the hospital because the kids had to wear their names well, you know?

    So! Forgive me, but i’m new around here…are you and D expecting???

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hehe, we are not expecting. We aren’t planning on kids for probably another 5 years actually. We just like to talk about it.
    Oooh, I like Caroline and Ruby too, coincidentally, I have a grandma named Rubye as well! Sam and Abby are perfect names. I like Abby a lot, but probably won’t use it, because my mom thought about naming my sister Abigail before she was born, and consequently, my nearly 18 year old sister is still called Abigail sometimes. My family apparently doesn’t like to let things go!

  3. Beagoodmom Says:

    I am totally with you. Before Giggles was born, I kept asking everyone what their Grandma’s names were, because that was the era I was shooting for. I wanted to name Geetle Thea, but Aunt Shel had bad flashbacks of a TV show from the early 1990’s with a main character named that. She talked me out of it. SOme of our back up names were Lucy, Theodore, Christian, Emmeline, Henry, Anna, Caroline, …..

  4. Rachel Says:

    BAGM, it appears we do have very similar taste in names because I love all those names as well! Maybe I’ll have to put up a post with the names I plan to use…I dunno, it makes me feel jinxy or something!
    I’ve only met one other person named Thea in all my days.
    I’ve never known an Isla, Stella, Adelaide, or Belle either. D and I have agreed on the top two, amazing because we don’t share exactly the same tastes. We both like unique, older names, but D leans more towards the more traditional side, and doesn’t like names like Tziporah (zee POH rah).
    The girl name we have is traditional, but not commonly used. The boy name is not common AT ALL. I fear it may get more common because it is the name of a character in a popular book, but not a main character, so hopefully it won’t.
    I’m sure my children’s kindergarten teachers will hate me, because my names are 10 and 9 letters long.
    I always like people’s grandmothers names better than the names of people my age.

  5. Rachel Says:

    whoops, i totally cannot count, my top names are 8 and 9 letters long. apparently some of my brain cells have jumped ship.

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