Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

2008: An Overview December 3, 2008

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Yeah. I totally stole this from middle-aged-woman over at unmitigated. She totally won’t care, she’s good like that.

A review of the past months of the year, briefly:

January: Rachel goes back to school for the second half of her sophomore year. She is glad that she is almost halfway through.

February: D starts a new job, after being off for several months due to a layoff. Rachel and D celebrate their second Valentine’s Day together by eating at an outrageously expensive restaurant. The verdict? It was totally worth it. A $150 meal is amazing. Rachel’s dad has a birthday.

March: Rachel’s sister has a birthday. Rachel plays in the snow at school, where it snowed over half a foot this month.

April: Rachel dyes her hair dark red with gold highlights.  Her friend A did it for her. It looks great, but not like the color on the package, because Rachel’s own hair is sort of  a reddish-brown.

May: Rachel finishes her 4th semester in college on the first day of May. She is glad to have it over with. She gets a job working at a daycare, which she hates with a passion.  Rachel’s mom has a birthday. D’s mom has a birthday too.

June: Rachel and D celebrate their 2nd anniversary together. D gets Rachel some flowers. Rachel cries with happiness.  They go to Mammoth Cave. Rachel continues to work at the daycare, and still hates it with a fiery, burning passion.

July: Rachel has a big birthday! Rachel quits her job at the daycare, because she is sick of hating things with a fiery burning passion.   Rachel and her family go back to Mammoth Cave. It’s lots of fun.

August: Rachel’s summer winds down. Rachel’s dad has some surgery. Everything goes well. D’s dad has a birthday.  Rachel returns to school for the first half of her junior year.

September: Rachel goes to school, getting tireder and tireder of it everyday.

October: Rachel continues to go to school. Halloween is fun.

November: D turns 27. Rachel ribs him about being closer to 30 than 20.  D ribs Rachel right back, saying that she has gray hairs. This is ridiculous. Rachel has no gray hairs on her, unless they fell off of D, who does have some gray hairs.  Rachel and D have a super date to see Twilight. They eat expensive Italian food and go bowling. Thanksgiving is celebrated. Rachel eats too much.

December: School is winding down. Rachel is happy.


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  1. You don’t even have to steal it! Follow Sprite’s Keeper. She posts these awesome Spin Cycle ideas every week! I don’t mind the link, though!

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