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All About D December 4, 2008

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So I decided that since D is so graciously going to do a guest post for us, I should give you some background info on your guest poster. I write a lot about myself (and I do write a fair amount about D) but I haven’t really given you any specifics.  So here you go-D.


D is an industrial master  electrician. That means that he fixes all those big machines in factories.  He also does residential things on the side, when he has time. Being an electrician is good, because people are always going to need electricians. It’s great to have an electrician around the house, because you don’t have to call one when you break things. Which, if you have paid any attention at all to this blog, you can probably deduce happens often when I am around.  D works long days, and often works on the weekend. 😦


Pretty much any science-related thing, D is interested in.  He likes all manner of scientific magazines, scientific shows, etc.  D likes pretty much any outdoors thing too. Fishing, hunting, hiking, climbing, swimming, caving, you name it, he probably likes it. He likes horses.  He had a horse named Charlie until earlier this year, when he started a new job and didn’t have much time for Charlie anymore. Don’t be sad, Charlie went back to the people that owned him before D, where he can spend his twilight years just roaming around the farm. We miss Charlie, and hope to someday get another horse.  D likes dogs a lot. You should see him…he turns into a giant softy when dogs are concerned. Mayzie-Jane loves him….maybe as much as she loves me! He has 2 other dogs and they adore him as well.  He will tell you he does not like cats, but really, he does. He has 3.


D has a very unique personality. He is shyer  at first, but very talkative with people he knows well.  He is very polite, and has impeccable manners.  D can be very romantic, and often is, but more often than not, our pillow talk consists of things like “I love you farmer fat head.” (Me to D.) and “I love you too stinky squirrel.” (D to me.) Yeah. We’re like that.  Oh sure, we call each other babe and sweetie a lot, but you REALLY know someone loves you when they say “Hey asshole, I sure do love you.”  Or when they chase you around the house with a booger. Really, forget diamonds and roses. The sure way to win a girl’s heart is boogers.

D is very laid back, and hates to argue. I could argue with a fence post.  When we start to argue, he listens, but won’t argue back. He thinks its funny when I get beligerent. Did I ever tell you about the time that I got mad at him and locked him out of the bathroom? Yes, I really did that. I felt so clever, he would have to apologize to me before he could pee. He quietly knocked on the  door. “What?!” I shrieked. “Hey goober, there are TWO bathrooms,” he laughed.

D is a master of practical jokes. He has an awesome poker face.  One time he told me “gullible” wasn’t in the dictionary. I believed him. (Yeah, I’m like that.)

D is a patient guy. One time he put a security light up for my grandmother and moved it about 10000000000x. He never complained.  However, he is known to get royally pissed in traffic.

D is very caring. He calls me and leaves voicemails just to say I love you. He buys me small things just because he thinks i’ll like them- unique things too. An antique quilted stuffed bunny rabbit;a tye-dye tshirt; an extra small mouse for my computer, because I have really, really small hands and the normal ones don’t really fit my hand right; cheez-its and lemonade popsicles; pink pepper spray so I’ll be safer walking in parking lots; a pink Christmas tree; cereal that I like; etc.  You know, things you might like or need but probably wouldn’t buy them for yourself.

My extra small mouse

My extra small mouse

My pink Christmas tree from D

My pink Christmas tree from D

Oh yeah, you can also see my antique quilted bunny in the last pic.

So that’s some stuff about our super special guest poster! I look foward to seeing what D writes. Remember to vote in the poll in my last post to tell him what you want to hear!


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