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Spin Cycle: A Blog is Born December 12, 2008

I got this nifty idea from Sprite\’s Keeper.  I thought it looked like a fun idea for a post, so I decided to join in on the action.

How did this blog come to be?

Well, a little over a year ago, I got interested in reading other people’s blogs. They were funny, and interesting. These were stories written by people who could be my next door neighbors,  people that I know I would just love if I knew them in for real life.  I much prefer stories about real people to pictures of brangelina’s latest spawn.  I mean, it’s a whole lot funnier to read a story about how someone’s kid colored all over their pottery barn kids bedding with a sharpie  than to read about how  some celebrity spent 15 mil on their kid’s nursery.  So I got into reading many, many, many, blogs, and loved every post.

And then, it hit me.

I have a life outside of the computer too. Funny stuff happens to me.  I could write a blog about it! Or, at the very least, write a blog about how I fall down a lot.

So I started a blog.

And then I stopped.

I didn’t visit the page again for several weeks (if not months). I couldn’t think of anything to write about, I didn’t know what people would want to read. And then one night it hit me- I will never know what people want to read, and it doesn’t matter. If I write about what is interesting/funny/bothering to me, then other people might find it and feel the same way.  I don’t even remember what issue inspired me to get back into it. I was pissed about something, and felt the need to share the indignation with the whole world.

Semi-anonymously, that is.  I was feeling a need to get people’s feedback on things I coudn’t ask my friends about, because DUH, they were the ones I was griping talking about in the first place.  I wanted impartial opinions of people that didn’t know me from Eve.  I wanted to vent.

Let me explain something about myself- I am very much the mother hen type of friend.  Just yesterday, a friend I made in one of my classes ( a friend old enough to be my parent) told me that he thought I would make a great teacher because I mothered everyone around me. He really did mean that as a compliment, and I really did take it as one.  I am like that. I am the person that you can call to come hold your hair when you are puking at 4:00 a.m. , the person that reminds you to take a jacket because it’s cold.  If you come to my house, you are getting fed, whether you are hungry or not.  I like being that person. I would not have picked “teacher” as a future profession if I did not like taking care of people. But, sometimes even the mama bear needs a place to vent.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally vent to my friends all the time. Just ask D about the numerous screechy phone calls he has received. I just wanted a place where I could vent and get people’s opinions on things.

So, I started blogging.  I really don’t vent as much as I thought I would, I ask opinions sometimes, and often write about whatever hijinks happened at my house that day.  Don’t lie- everyone wants to hear stories about how someone completely embarassed themselves.  I know I do. So I write about dumb stuff I do. I laugh at myself. I do dumb stuff sometimes. I say stupid things. I get mad and pout. So do you. So does everyone.  I think if you can’t at least poke a little fun at yourself, then you must have no sense of humor whatsoever.

Sometimes I’ll get all worked up about some perceived injustice, start writing about it, and then all of a sudden, I’ll see the other person’s point of view, and realize that, yes Virginia, I was WRONG.

So you see blogging=therapy.

I’m happy I started this blog.


8 Responses to “Spin Cycle: A Blog is Born”

  1. Welcome to the Spin Cycle! (Love your blog name by the way!) If you are a mother hen, I am the old nag, if we’re keeping in line with barn animals. You may be holding their head to puke, I would be asking them why they couldn’t control their drinking in the first place. You would offer the hungry food, I would ask them why they didn’t think of eating earlier and plan ahead. Okay, I’m not ALWAYS like that. Just don’t ask my husband. Kay? You’re linked!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks Sprite’s Keeper!
    I can be a nag at times too….just ask D. I really should quit asking him what he ate for breakfast…..

  3. Ginger Says:

    This is a good description of how blogging reels us in until we become addicted. Nice to have you in the Spin Cylce!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Thank you Ginger!

  5. sammanthia Says:

    I LOVE when people blog about embarrassing themselves… I’m like the redneck version of “I Love Lucy” and I love making fun of myself. I know, I’m weird like that.
    But if you are, too, then that’s cool. Consider me a return reader.;)

  6. Rachel Says:

    Awesome 🙂

  7. Laufa Says:

    Welcome to the Spin, I fall down a lot too. I just hit my not so funny bone walking back to my computer. Yay someone else who know how to laugh at themselves – awesome!!

  8. Rachel Says:

    Ouch Laufa! I hit mine on the wooden pew at church last week.
    Thank you! I love laughing at myself…because if I laugh at myself, I can’t possibly mind when others join in! 😉

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