Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Hope You’re Having A Red Hot Christmas… December 25, 2008

Filed under: cooking,life is flippin suh-weet — Rachel @ 2:54 pm

I totally am!
This Christmas has really and truly been wonderful, with only a slight hitch of some paper in the oven catching fire.
No, we weren’t trying to cook paper, don’t you worry about that, apparently some mail had gotten stuck to the bottom of a pan earlier. We were heating some cinnamon rolls and the oven just must not have gotten hot enough for the paper to burn. My mom was preheating the oven for sausage and cheese toast (yummmm) when my sister started freaking out. “Mom, mom! The oven is on fire!”
Sure enough it was.
The fire extinguished itself when the oven was turned off, but sadly, the smell lingers.
All of the windows are open.
At least it’s nice outside!
Anyway, I’m super thankful we were all standing around in the kitchen talking, and no one was hurt, and the only damage done was a stinky smell!
Merry Christmas!


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