Burning The Souffle

"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

And The Strangeness Continues…. January 6, 2009

Filed under: the internets is cheaper than therapy,well shit — Rachel @ 3:10 pm

Not one, but TWO strange dreams last night. I swear, no wonder I sleep until afternoon,  dreaming these sagas is making me tired!

Dream 1: I dreamed that D had a baby…but not with me! And then we brought the baby home like it was mine to take care of.  I still don’t  know who the REAL baby mama was, but she must have been pretty shady, making a baby with someone else’s guy and then giving his wonderful lady the baby to take care of. I got to name it and everything. I feel like I dreamed this most of the night. Weird.

Oh, I might add, this is NOT the first baby dream that I’ve had all week. I dreamed that I was PREGNANT a few days ago.  And my friend was pregnant with me, so we were having all sorts of fun together.  Apparently my maternity clothes weren’t fitting anymore, because I had to borrow a choir robe from the church to wear.  That makes all kinds of sense, I know. (When I woke up, I went into the bathroom and KISSED my BC pills. No kiddos for me for a good while. I’ll just enjoy other people’s for another five years or so.)

Dream 2:  First, I dreamed that I went for a run (not so unusual, as I might actually go for a run in real life) and I ended up too far from home to walk back. So I called my cousin to come and get me. And then suddenly I was back at home, so I had to call him to tell him to not come get me. Then a hummingbird flew in my window and I FREAKED out. (Again, this is likely, if a hummingbird flew in my window, I would probably cry.)  And then I dreamed some more miscellaneous stuff which really doesn’t make one iota of sense now that I’m awake.

So my strange dream epidemic continues.  On the plus side, the other night I dreamed something so weird, so fantastically weird, that I have no other choice except to either write a short story about it or try to pull enough out of it for….a whole book!  I’ve always wanted to try my hand at writing books (I’ve written several short stories) but I never seemed to be able to think of any material. So I guess I got my sign.


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