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8? S-s-s-seriously, 8? February 2, 2009

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By now I’m sure you have all heard of the story of the woman who recently gave birth to octuplets, eight babies. (If you haven’t heard yet,  you can go here.)

When I first heard this story, I thought “WHOA, EIGHT? I’d be in the mental institution for forevers!”  (I mean seriously people, EIGHT INFANTS?!)

Then I thought, “Wow, that’s amazing that they’re all alive.”

Then I thought “Holy shit, that’s some fertility treatment gone horribly, terribly wrong.”

I have no problem with fertility treatments at all, in fact, I find assisted reproduction very interesting. I think it’s great that we can use that technology to help people who would otherwise have no children.

This case however, is different.

First of all, this woman already had SIX kids (which is 6 more than I want at the moment, 4 more than I want in the future). Now I don’t think that just because a woman is infertile and has to undergo fertility treatments to get pregnant that that gives anyone to tell her how many children she has a right to create. Hell, we let the Duggar’s have like 123,456,8910 kids and no one told them to stop reproducing yet (a big negative in my book, for the record) so why shouldn’t she be able to have as many as she wants?

Weeeeellll…. this woman is in her early thirties (good age to have kids, no problems there), lives at home with her parents (nothing SO wrong with that, just unusual), no job (ah, so you are going to feed the kids with the money off of ye olde moneytree?).

Now, I’ve never tried to have any kids. All my time and effort up to this point has been to try to NOT have any kids, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but to the best of my knowledge, ART treatments are like bat-shit expensive and I’m wondering where she got the funds to do this….actually, I’m not even sure if this is IVF, sounds to me like she got all hopped up on ovulation goofballs and went out and did the nasty, but I’m no doctor.

But, if I were a doctor, I would know better than to put, oh more than let’s say 2 embryos (I sincerely doubt that 2 embryos would split 4x each)  into a woman that had ALREADY carried SIX children to birth…let’s just say that her track record was a little too good for me to think that this was even IVF…but if it was, somebody really screwed up MAJORLY.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “8? S-s-s-seriously, 8?”

  1. I know! I cant believe any doctor would let her implant 8, especially when she had 6 at home. She said she implanted “far less” and they all multiplied. Riiiiiiiight. What a Lords Miracle. Its irresponsible. I feel bad for her poor mother and father (who she lives with!) and all those kids 14 kids under age 7. I would not even be willing to teadh a classroom with those odds, let alone parent the group. Did you also notice that one of her sons has autism? Add that fact to the pot and she is even more irresponsible. How is he going to get the attention he needs when there are 13 other kids in the house? But then again….I watched an episode of Jon and Kate last night., So maybe I am helping to fuel this nation’s obsession with this kind of story. However, by the way, when Giggles went in….she went in alone. There was no way we were allowing more than one embryo to be implanted at a time. We already had our twins and did not want another set.

  2. Rachel Says:

    BAGM- I am so with you. I forgot to mention that this woman already had a set of twins, so that just adds to the irresponsibility factor. (I mean, if you already did it once, why tempt fate?)
    I can’t imagine parenting that many kids…especially if one has autism. How much special attention do you think that child will get now? I’m guessing nil. So I think this is a sad situation.
    I too watch Jon and Kate, but somehow they don’t seem so crazy. ( I just like the fact that they act like normal people, unlike the shiny-happy Duggars, which I only watch to make fun of. Wow, that makes me sound kind of terrible.)
    I think you were very smart to only put in Giggles, and how cool is it that she didn’t split? LOL 🙂

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