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What Other Shenanigans Can I Get Myself Into? February 4, 2009

Filed under: well shit — Rachel @ 3:46 pm

So yesterday, I tried to give blood.

I’ve tried before, but my iron was too low. (I’m not a big “meat-eater” so that is probably why.)

This time though, my iron was fine.  But we had an issue.  It took the nurse forever to find the vein in my arm, and then, when she finally did, they got some blood.

Sort of.

Apparently my veins were too small and I stopped bleeding and the blood clotted in the tube or something, so they got MOST of a bag, but not enough to use for a donation.

And apparently, I do not react well to giving blood because I spent the rest of yesterday (and today, to a lesser degree) feeling dizzy and shaky.  The lady there told me I should not do it again because my veins were just too small for the needles they use. This wasn’t such a big surprise to me, because every time I go to the Dr.’s office, it takes them forever to get enough to use for that, but I still wanted to try.

I was kind of sad, I really believe in donating blood, but I guess I am just not cut out for it.  If you haven’t given in awhile, go give some for me.


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