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I’m sure this will offend someone… March 25, 2009

Filed under: the internets is cheaper than therapy,well shit — Rachel @ 7:07 pm

So, since I’m a mega-nerd and such, I keep in touch with a few people on something that rhymes with “High Place”.
And since I’m nosy, I look at their profiles and poke around a bit. (What? It’s what you’re SUPPOSED to do!)

Let me backtrack for a minute, to say that some of the people I am “friends” with on the site, are people that I honestly really don’t know. I mean, not total strangers, but people that I went to high school with that were a few years younger than me, you know, stuff like that. People that I might say hi to in the grocery store, but not people that I would ever call up and tell my deepest darkest secrets to.

So since I’m snooping around on the site….I realized something….like half of these people are married!!!
I mean, honestly, WTF? Let me tell you, if you are younger than me and married…you are too young. Period. That’s just the way I feel. I mean, these people are like 18 and 19….sorry, but I just think that is too young to tie the knot. I’ve been with D since I was alllllmost 18 and we still haven’t tied the knot. We want to, we’re going to, and I can’t wait, but honestly, if we had gotten married when I was 18, we would probably have driven each other crazy by now. (Example: When I was 18, I thought a good way to get back at him was to lock him out of the bathroom…what a shining example of maturity….) (Now I just lock him out of the house altogether…KIDDING!!!!)
Not that I think I am the perfect example of matrimonial maturity, because I am most definitely not, but still…D and I have been together for about 3 years now. We know each other. We’ve struggled together. We’ve been through a lot. Our dating life has not consisted on him picking me up on dates from mom and pop’s house and then having to have me home by 10 on the weekends and maybe talking on the phone on the weekdays. Our dating life has consisted of me going to school all the freaking time, D working all the freaking time, and then passing out on the couch together when we get home. ( I kid. Sometimes we pass out while we’re still eating dinner.)
Seriously though, we’ve stuck together through a lot. Who am I to judge, but dating THE SAME BOY for six months doesn’t automatically equal get married. No, I think you have to struggle a little bit beforehand. I’m glad we’ve waited. I feel like it will be more meaningful when we do finally get married, because we’ve worked so hard to get to that point.
So my advice for you lusty matrimony mad teens?
Shack up.
(Because hey, if it doesn’t work out, the only paperwork that will be involved is maybe taking someone’s name off the lease.)


2 Responses to “I’m sure this will offend someone…”

  1. AZ Mom Says:

    “Shack up.”

    Oh man….you are TOO funny!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hehe, well, I suppose I could have wrote “cohabitate” there, but it lacked the comedic value of “shack up.”

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