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Perhaps I should just buy a reel mower March 30, 2009

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I am completely and totally crap at anything DIY. I can barely remember when I am supposed to put gas in the car, for example, last night, I was driving on the interstate, happily singing along to the radio, when I suddenly noticed a little light on on the dash. “Why is there a little yellow light blinking at me?” I thought, and then, immediately, “OH SHIT. It’s the gas light!” Now, I’m not totally stupid, and I do know that the car can go for a little while with the gas light on, and that there is no need for a panic attack. However, I was a) out in the middle of nowhere, with miles til the next exit, and b) I had no idea how long the damn thing had been on. It could have been on for days, possibly weeks, as I cannot really recall the last time I put gas in my car (three weeks? four weeks? my car is most definitely NOT a gas guzzler). Luckily, an exit came up in the next few miles and I was able to fill my car (yes, I DO know how to pump gas, score one for me.)

Another example: I’ve had my laptop for three years. The first time the screen was ever cleaned was last week. Why? I don’t know, I guess I thought it was like a Gremlin (the furry animal thing, not the car) and would go all evil and kill people or something if it got wet. D picked up my laptop, moaned about the screen being covered in caked on sneeze juices, and then wiped it off….WITH WATER.

Obviously, it’s still working. (I should have known nothing can kill it after I spilled ginger ale on the keyboard…which did not harm it in any way, shape, form, or fashion. (Not that I’m recommending it) )

Hmm..what else have I not been able to fix…oh yes, we got a new computer monitor (for the desktop) and it’s HUGE. Unfortunately, it’s hugeness made something about the words go all wonky and makes me feel cross eyed whenever I try to watch YouTube videos on it. *Le Sigh*

I told my parents I would help them mow their lawn this weekend, but maybe I’ll just do the backyard, as I have a tendency to create crop circles with the mower.

Or maybe I should just buy one of those little reel mowers. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t mess that up. (Not so sure what effect it would have on the jungle of lawn fertilized by Miss Mayzie Jane though.)


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