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Annoyance Confessional July 15, 2009

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Do you ever have little, teeny things that bug you? Things that you would feel silly whining about to someone else, but you just feel the need to get it off your chest? Well here is my list! Feel free to add your own annoyances!

1. People who follow too closely, then get pissed off when you turn and they have to slam on their brakes. Yes, Miss-Green-Ford-Focus with the Hawaiian crap on the rearview mirror, I am talking to you; this is the woman who was driving the white foreign car with a college decal and bumper stickers in the rear window, and, oh yes, a SLEEPING INFANT in the backseat. Watch out, you don’t know who might be in front of you. And thanks for that really ladylike gesture you flashed at me, you’re a real peach.

2. People who reward their children for breathing. I kid, I have never actually seen anyone do this, but some people come darn close. Seriously, a reward for being dragged around wal-mart?  A treat for standing in line at the bank?  Come on people! Don’t you ever do things you don’t want to? I do all the time! I do things like taking out the week-old trash that smells like barf (oh wait, it IS barf), cleaning up the backseat where my doggie threw up because I didn’t have the window cracked enough for her (my bad, I really did feel terrible), tackling the 3 foot pile of laundry that haunts my linen closet (Ooo, spooky!), and just the normal everyday things like emptying and reloading the dishwasher, etc. Nobody actually WANTS to do that stuff, but you do it because you have to. No one rewards me for schlepping a cart full of groceries around wal-mart, so why should kids be rewarded for uh, doing nothing?

3. People who have no clue what is an age appropriate gift for a kid.  I realize if you do not have children, or have never been around children, you may be left scratching your head at what to buy little junior the neighbor’s son for his birthday, but how about googling it or asking junior’s parents what he needs? A one year old doesn’t need a box of stationery…(I am not even kidding, someone used that for a present at a party I went to recently…don’t try and say it’s for the parents…the party is for the KID, not the parents.) A four year old cannot play with a chemistry set.  A ten year old probably doesn’t want a “Abby Cadabby” DVD.

4. The teenagers that make out on the side of the walking trail in my town. Uh, gross? What happened to making out in the car or under the bleachers? Uh, not that I ever did that. (Actually, I SO did do that, ah memories!) Anyway, I don’t need to see you playing tonsil hockey while I’m walking my dog.

5. People that purposely show off on same said walking trail. Yes, miss-tiny-pink-sports-bra, you are in shape, we get it.  You don’t have to stop and bend over and huff dramatically after jogging .000000000009ths of a mile.

6. Acne. In your 20s. I thought this would be gone by now…..like, with my teens? (Actually, v. few problems as a teen…hit 20, face breaks out, luckily not horribly, but still annoying.)  Ok, it is really not all that bad, except for the one cyst/nodule thing ON MY CHIN. Go away!  Oh well, at least makeup covers it up. Sort of. (Actually, this may be the result of the acne medicine I was prescribed, apparently you break out worse right after starting new stuff, sort of like getting rid of a year’s worth of pimples in a few months apparently. So hopefully totally clear skin is not that far out of my reach!)

Those are my annoyances of the day.

What are yours?


2 Responses to “Annoyance Confessional”

  1. Beagoodmom Says:

    I must be getting old because I just want to hitch up the pants of every stupid teenage boy I see. Why do they wear them so low? Its crazy. Its stupid. It annoys me.l

  2. Rachel Says:

    I agree. I thought the point of pants was to cover your underwear?????

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