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"A Woman Happily In Love, She Burns The Souffle"

Not crazy, I promise July 15, 2009

Filed under: the world around me — Rachel @ 7:57 pm

I really promise I am not nuts.

I am just prone to random fits of giggles.

Like, the other day, I had a laughing fit remembering something that happened with my first college roommate- One day we were doing some laundry when she stuck this neatly folded pair of panties on top of a stack of my folded stuff…..

“L, these are not my panties,” I say.

“Yes, they are,” she insists, “they have to be.”

“No, not mine. I have never seen them before. *Snicker* Did you forget what your own underwear looks like?”

“NO. I KNOW they are yours! They were in my laundry basket when I took them to wash!”

So apparently a stranger’s panties ended up in her laundry basket, along with the rest of her clothes. She swears that she had them before she put them into the washing machine, they weren’t something that just got stuck to the washer and mixed in with her clothes. We never did find out whose panties they were.

Anyway, the other day, I started remembering this and I just could NOT quit laughing. In the grocery store. I had to fight back snorts.

Or, how about the other recent giggle fit I had, remembering the first (and only) time D made tea with the coffee maker:

It was the first time we were cooking dinner together, and we wanted to have some really good stuff. D makes awesome tea on top of the stove, but we were running out of time and I told him just to make it in the coffee maker instead. Meaning, he should just put water in the coffee maker, and stick the tea bags in the coffee pot.

Apparently the wires got crossed, because a few minutes later I looked over and D was cutting the tops of the tea bags off and dumping them into a coffee filter.


Remembering that gave me the giggles the other day too, also in public.

Do you ever get random memories that bring on giggle fits?


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