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Several Things, Mostly Unrelated July 21, 2009

Filed under: life is flippin suh-weet — Rachel @ 12:44 am

1.  I want this for when I am huge and pregnant.  If you don’t appreciate the “Breaking Dawn” reference, then you can buy me this one.

2. Speaking of huge and pregnant, it seems as if every teenage girl I pass in this town is preggo. I’m going to hand out condoms instead of candy at Halloween.

3.  The bottoms of my feet, due to NEVER wearing shoes, even on the pavement that has been baking in the TN sun all day, now closely resemble a leather handbag.  (Ok, I wear shoes in public, but not around the house, and not to get the mail, and sometimes not to walk my dog.)

4. Said dog needs a new bed, she has had the old one for awhile, and since she sheds like crazy, it has endured multiple washings and spins in the dryer.  It is also sporting a rip in the cover where someone (ok, me) couldn’t properly put the stuffing back in. (It’s a weird shape, OK?)  I’m thinking this bed would be pretty good. Ok, I’m kidding, WISH I could buy her that one. I In all likelihood, she will be getting one from LL Bean.

5. Oh, but don’t think the dog will be sleeping on that bed at night, no sirree, she has decided that she must sleep on my bed and only on my bed, and RIGHT ON TOP OF MY LEGS.  And boy, I better not try to move. Apparently I am there for her comfort only.  It’s ok though,  she’s wicked cute. Here is a picture for evidence, apologies for the crappy cell phone quality, but it was what I had in my hand, ok?

This bed is occupied, you must find another.

This bed is occupied, you must find another.

6. Oh yes, my original intention- a change is coming, or actually, the change is pretty much here. Thanks to the help of Mike, this blog is moving.  The new address will be http://www.burningthesouffle.com, you can go there now for a sneak peek, but there really isn’t all that much to see yet, other than old posts. All that is going to change very soon, but I am so excited! Thanks again Mike!


3 Responses to “Several Things, Mostly Unrelated”

  1. Beagoodmom Says:

    I hope you enjoyed my husband. Boy, if I had a nickel for everytime I had to write that on a scrap of paper, tie it to a rock and throw it thru a windshield!

  2. Beagoodmom Says:

    btw- have you considered a slipcover for the new dog bed? It would be easier to wash. Sort of a doggie duvet! You could make it out of a flat bedsheet, envelope pillowcase style. Minimal sewing. No button holes or zippers. Might be able to make it prettier that way too. I can walk you thru the envelope pillowcase thing. Its super easy.

  3. Rachel Says:

    LOL BAGM…you are too funny!
    That is a great idea about the slipcover! Could you tell me how to make it? I was thinking of buying a piece of memory foam (yeah, yeah, she’s spoiled rotten) and covering it. The bed she has now has a removable cover thing, but it is shaped sort of like a dog “couch” and really hard to recover, so if I could get a big square foam thing that would be great.

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