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Moving Day July 22, 2009

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Remember when I posted yesterday about moving? Well, now that I can get into the new site, I will only be posting there from now on. So everyone bookmark www.burningthesouffle.com and go there instead. See you at the new site!


Several Things, Mostly Unrelated July 21, 2009

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1.  I want this for when I am huge and pregnant.  If you don’t appreciate the “Breaking Dawn” reference, then you can buy me this one.

2. Speaking of huge and pregnant, it seems as if every teenage girl I pass in this town is preggo. I’m going to hand out condoms instead of candy at Halloween.

3.  The bottoms of my feet, due to NEVER wearing shoes, even on the pavement that has been baking in the TN sun all day, now closely resemble a leather handbag.  (Ok, I wear shoes in public, but not around the house, and not to get the mail, and sometimes not to walk my dog.)

4. Said dog needs a new bed, she has had the old one for awhile, and since she sheds like crazy, it has endured multiple washings and spins in the dryer.  It is also sporting a rip in the cover where someone (ok, me) couldn’t properly put the stuffing back in. (It’s a weird shape, OK?)  I’m thinking this bed would be pretty good. Ok, I’m kidding, WISH I could buy her that one. I In all likelihood, she will be getting one from LL Bean.

5. Oh, but don’t think the dog will be sleeping on that bed at night, no sirree, she has decided that she must sleep on my bed and only on my bed, and RIGHT ON TOP OF MY LEGS.  And boy, I better not try to move. Apparently I am there for her comfort only.  It’s ok though,  she’s wicked cute. Here is a picture for evidence, apologies for the crappy cell phone quality, but it was what I had in my hand, ok?

This bed is occupied, you must find another.

This bed is occupied, you must find another.

6. Oh yes, my original intention- a change is coming, or actually, the change is pretty much here. Thanks to the help of Mike, this blog is moving.  The new address will be http://www.burningthesouffle.com, you can go there now for a sneak peek, but there really isn’t all that much to see yet, other than old posts. All that is going to change very soon, but I am so excited! Thanks again Mike!


Cold, Wet, and MUDDY. July 20, 2009

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Last Saturday, D and I decided to take our kayaks to the really popular kayaking spot around here, about an hour away. We had never been to this particular spot before, but we found it without that much trouble.

Well, sort of.

We got to the spot fine, but apparently put our kayaks in at the wrong spot. After paddling 1/2 mile or so upstream, we decided that it was an exercise in futility, and turned around to take the boats back to the right spot.

So, we get to the right spot, shove the boats down the ramp, and go to get into them.

This would have been perfect, had I not fallen into the river at this point.


Fully clothed.

Yep, I am the uber-klutz.

Finally, I managed to get into my kayak after lots of swearing and manuevering, and down the river I went.

It was awesome, totally worth it even if I did have to paddle 5+ miles in a wet t-shirt and denim shorts.  This actually wasn’t that bad until the last mile or so when it started to get dark and rapidly cool off, and the 1/2 mile trek back to the car. (Can’t honestly say that I was all that keen on walking in the dark with wet and muddy tennis shoes.)

I am not sure if the skin around my hips will ever be the same (wet denim begins to chafe after awhile, dontcha know?) but that’s what I get for not wearing a rash guard.

Oh well, all’s well that ends well.

How was your weekend?


I Neglected… July 16, 2009

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To show you all my new (super-short) hair! I got it cut last week. I LOVE it…this is the best haicut I’ve ever had, I think.  I tried to grow it out for a long time, but I hate spending hours on my hair, so long hair really isn’t the best option for me.

Here you go, my new ‘do:

The Top/Back of My Head

The Top/Back of My Head




Gratuitous Kitteh Pictures

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Have I ever told you about D’s little tiny cat? She is old, and very, very tiny.  She weighs maybe 4 lbs, and she has no tail (well, she does have a “stub”). We don’t know if she was born that way or if she lost part of her tail before she came to live with D.  She also has always had a bum paw,  but it doesn’t seem to bother her, she just holds it off the ground when she walks; we think she must have gotten in a fight with a bigger animal before finding her way home.

Anyway, she is a really sweet cat, she is a little skittish with people she doesn’t know, but she loves to be petted and snuggled.  Last night D and I were sitting on the couch with Smitty, and she happily sat on my lap and purred for the longest time.  She had to sit on a towel though, because she loved “kneading” my legs with her razor-sharp claws and my purple lounge pants weren’t enough protection.

Enjoy some gratuitous pictures of the cute kitty:

Just lounging around.

Just lounging around

Please, enough with the pictures!

Please, enough with the pictures!


And The Rocket’s Red Glare….. July 5, 2009

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I hope you all had a great 4th!

D and I did. We ate too much yummy food (oof) and watched the fireworks at the park. They alllmost got rained out, but finally, an hour after they were supposed to end, they decided the show must go on.

We really loved the fireworks, we had never been able to go to the park and see them before though, because it is usually really crowded, and we can see them from my parents’  front porch anyway.  However, since it was raining, all but the most persistant (i.e., us and the other crazy people who didn’t mind getting wet) were there. It was like having our own personal fireworks show. Awesome!

I even made a short video of it, but until SOMEONE (D!) wakes up and helps me figure out how to put it on here (I got it uploaded to the computer, but have no clue what to do now) you will just have to wait.


Girl’s Night Out July 2, 2009

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Last night I went out with some of my very favorite friends for some much needed girl time. I hadn’t gotten to see these friends since school let out in May, and I had missed them terribly.

First I went out for a fabulous dinner with my friend Ivy. We’ve been friends since freshman year. Actually, she was probably the first real friend I made at college.  Oh sure, I had made lots of acquaintances, but no real paint-my-fingernails and hold-my-hair-while-I-barf friends.

This is us then:

This is our Junior year re-do of the same picture:

She’s the best. One of those people you can ALWAYS count on to be there, no matter what.
Like I was saying, we went out for a GREAT dinner, then to a movie with some more friends. We saw “My Sister’s Keeper.” Oh dear. You need kleenex. A lot. I expected to cry at the end of the movie, but man, I cried the whole time! A great chick-flick. Guys don’t get sad movies, which is why I’m glad I went with my girls.
After the movie, we needed some ice cream for comfort. So we went and ate ice cream with hot fudge, then back to Ivy’s apartment for a photo shoot with Abby, her roommate and another great friend that went to the movie with us.
Here are our results:
This was my favorite. I’m in the middle. I have no clue what I was looking at. I might also add that I had already cried most of my make-up off.


I love my friends.