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To The Girl That Wears Effing Dresses Every Damn Day: September 6, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rachel @ 12:47 am

Dear girl that wears f-ing dresses to the 8am class:

Your attire is completely inappropriate and irritating so early in the morning.  Seeing that I have just rolled out of bed less than an hour before, I do not wish to see your cleavage at such an early hour (actually, I don’t really want to see it at any hour, but please, for the love of pete, it is NOT EVEN NOON!).  Your dresses are very cute (really, I’m not just saying that so I won’t sound like a bitch) and I would totally wear them at night or even in the afternoon-if I was going out. I know that they are pretty casual dresses, but have you looked at the class around you? Mostly chicks. Chicks that are not impressed.  Take a look at what everyone else is wearing: jeans and a tshirt…..shorts and a tshirt…..sweats and a tshirt…..

I am not saying that you have to dress like everyone else and be a lemming. I am totally fine with a little dressing up, but um, a floor length dress seems a little over the top so early.  Sorry.  I am no prude. Check my closet and you will see that I am in no way adverse to showing the girls off. But do we really need to see the girls and half your back before 8am? No, no we do not.




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